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As sideman:

  • 2012 Winter Wonderland – (with Co-op Bop and the Frank Giasullo Quartet)
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  • 2010 Frydlant Nights – (with the Rostislav Fas/Skip Wilkins Quintet)
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  • 2010 Simone on Simone – (with Simone and the Rob Stoneback Big Band)
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  • 1997 Patti Page Live at Carnegie Hall: The 50thAnniversary Concert (with Patti Page and the Philly Pops Orchestra)
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The allure of the musical “Value Meal.”

Is musical taste derived from “free will” or are listeners programmed to like what is easy and available—conditioned to like what is spoon-fed by the media? Are music consumers falling for mass-produced musical products that are easily marketed and sold? Is pop music like a newspaper that needs to be written at a 6th grade… READ MORE »