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CowboysFrontCover.jpg      Samples from “Cowboys in Capes”

San Antonio Rose


Low Groove


Cold, Cold Heart


Los Zapatitos


Your Cheatin’ Heart


Cowboys in Capes


Dorothy Ann


If You Ain’t Dutch, You Ain’t Much


I Come to the Garden Alone


hasp001 Samples from “Misunderestimated”

Day Gig 


An Inconsequential Life




First Dance


Jumpin’ the Shark




Don’t Know


Her Touch




Rosalita d’el Fuego


The allure of the musical “Value Meal.”

Is musical taste derived from “free will” or are listeners programmed to like what is easy and available—conditioned to like what is spoon-fed by the media? Are music consumers falling for mass-produced musical products that are easily marketed and sold? Is pop music like a newspaper that needs to be written at a 6th grade… READ MORE »